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"I ended my addiction to alcohol, found out (whoa!) that I am worthy and lovable, reconnected with my Spirit and found some purpose in my life... I learned about boundaries and I know how to use them!"

How successful is your program?
We believe we have one of the highest success rates in the world. Results from an independent research firm showed a 70% success rate, which is significantly higher than most other facilities around the country. In addition, most people are successful at beating their addiction with only one 28-day online treatment, instead of the national average of 3-5 treatments.

What is the cost of the residential program?
The cost of the 28-Day program is $19,000. When additional weeks are appropriate for treatment, the cost is $4,250 per week.

What is the duration of stay for the residential program?
The standard program length is 28 days. The majority of Desert Canyon clients receive long-term results from the program with just one 28-day stay at Desert Canyon. In some cases, however, an additional one or two weeks are appropriate and recommended based on usage history. In such cases, length of stay is decided by the treatment team along with the client.

Can someone stay longer than 4 to 6 weeks?
Sometimes factors such as history of chemical dependency, age, psychiatric history or other variables, suggest that a longer length of stay is needed. In these situations, a Senior Staff member will work with the client to assess their needs for an appropriate length of treatment.

What kind of people go to Desert Canyon for treatment?
Desert Canyon helps people 20 years and older, from all walks of life. All Desert Canyon clients have some level of dependency or addiction to alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs. Over the course of time, we help virtually the same numbers of males and females. The largest age group is between 31-45 years old and over 55% are employed full-time. A majority of clients come for alcohol dependence alone or in addition to chemical dependency for cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and other street drugs. A large percentage of people have dual diagnosis issues of depression, anxiety or other psychiatric diagnoses. Desert Canyon’s array of advanced methods directly addresses these issues, usually with a significant decrease in symptoms. However, Desert Canyon does not accept people who are severely mentally ill or people with significant psychiatric history.
More than 50% of our clients have tried treatment at other residential/inpatient treatment centers without success prior to coming to Desert Canyon.

Do you accept insurance? Will it pay for my stay?
Desert Canyon accepts most major forms of insurance. The percentage of coverage that you have will depend upon the insurance company you work with as well as the specific policy that you have with them. Our Admissions staff can help you determine exactly what insurance benefits you have.

What types of addictions do you treat?
We treat addictions and dependencies to alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, marijuana, and others. We also have trained staff to work with secondary issues of eating disorders and gambling.

What kind of detox do you do?
Desert Canyon is not a medical hospital and does not provide medical supervision or detox services. It is up to the client to get detoxed before arriving at Desert Canyon. Desert Canyon admissions staff can help make recommendations regarding what facilities are available in the area.

What is the facility like?
Desert Canyon is a 10-bed facility with a relaxed, homelike environment. Accommodations are mostly semiprivate with 2 beds per room. There is a large living room, sunny kitchen, spacious dining room, and a large deck for relaxing or eating meals. A large Group Room hosts the group sessions, and an exercise area provides equipment for working out. The facility is nestled among the gorgeous red rock formations of Sedona which provides an abundance of hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Sedona, Arizona is a destination for millions of tourists each year for its beauty.

What are the staff's credentials?
Desert Canyon’s team of highly professional, caring staff includes Masters and Ph.D. Certified professionals, as well as licensed Addictions Specialists and Psychologists. It’s secondary staff includes licensed Physicians, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, RNs and other professionals in the healing arts.

Is it a lockdown facility?
No. Desert Canyon's approach is to treat people like adults, while building their ability to act responsibly. While at first, clients are not allowed to leave the facility; they are given pass privileges which increase over time. As they gain more strength in remaining abstinent, they are given more responsibility. This also helps prepare clients for when they return home.

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