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I feel like I have my life back, and it's more incredible than I could ever imagine... I was given the tools to keep me free of using alcohol. I liked the variety of modalities used for treatment - how each client is treated as an individual with unique needs... I felt very comfortable, safe and welcomed by everyone. I could sense the respect amongst the staff member for each other, as well as for the clients. Everyone was relaxed and open and that made it so great.   - K.L.

Our "Whole Person" Approach
Desert Canyon uses a nontraditional approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. This approach uses a combination of interrelated services to treat all of the components of addictions and help people rebuild their lives and take a new level responsibility for their actions. Desert Canyon's team of professionals have expertise in a variety of methods that contribute to this transformation in the individual.

Group therapy sessionSince addictions can cause harm to so many areas of a person's life, from physical health to job and career, each of these areas is directly addressed at Desert Canyon. Clients learn new life skills to handle the normal stresses of life. Therapeutic methods, as well as dietary supplements, are used to address problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. Core childhood issues are often healed and released which results in the building of self-esteem, self-awareness and a positive outlook on life. Desert Canyon also teaches methods that strengthen each client's commitment to choosing a substance-free lifestyle. By combining these methods into one program, Desert Canyon offers a unique and powerful program that cultivates each client's positive attributes and provides motivation and commitment along with effective tools for maintaining abstinence.
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Relapse Prevention
Desert Canyon provides each client with a unique array of tools for relapse prevention. This "toolbox" is not limited to cognitive methods; it consists of activities and simple techniques that help individuals release emotional tension and recognize their destructive addictive patterns as they arise. It also includes methods to spot and handle stressful situations that may otherwise contribute to relapse. Clients gain new strength and awareness to turn away from substances and to maintain an addiction-free lifestyle.

Emotional Healing
Our team of professional therapists and counselors specializes in several methods that bring about profound healing and emotional release. These include behavioral modification, inner child work, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and other effective healing modalities. Patterns such as depression, anxiety, feelings of aloneness and phobias are addressed. These methods help the recovery of integrity and self-esteem and cultivate the character strengths of the individual.

Physical Health and Balance
Desert Canyon's bio-nutritional program helps to repair the damage that has been done to the body as a result of long periods of substance use. Based on many years of research, dietary supplements that have been specifically developed for this purpose are provided to help detoxify, strengthen and rebalance the body. Within a few short days of treatment, most clients feel a significant decrease in cravings. Clients notice a substantial increase in energy, alertness, well-being and relief from depression and insomnia.

New Thinking
At Desert Canyon, clients learn to see and recognize the cognitive patterns of addiction that control them. This provides a new awareness of the responsibility that they carry in their cycle of dependency and helps them use this responsibility wisely. As a result, individuals gain a new strength over their addictive thought patterns and behaviors as well as a deep commitment to regaining and rebuilding their lives without substances.

Spiritual Connectedness
Desert Canyon honors each person's spiritual affiliations (including agnostic) and encourages a deepening of this very personal choice. Our Mindfulness / Stress Reduction program is a non-denominational training in awareness that helps quiet the mind and allow for a more direct experience of inner peace.

Life and Career Satisfaction
As needed, clients at Desert Canyon can work with our resident professional Career & Life consultant and receive assessments and guidance in the area of life and career direction. Clients can gain value ranging from an increased sense of meaning and purpose with their current work to an entirely new career or life focus.

Family and Relationship Development
Our professional family therapists work with family members, spouses, and / or significant others to help anchor the healthy behaviors of an addiction-free lifestyle. Old and recurring issues are addressed and healed while new levels of communication and intimacy are achieved.


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