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The Program
There are choices in addiction recovery. Desert Canyon allows you to make your own treatment plan without force or parenting. You can make permanent lifestyle changes and not lose your self-esteem.
- J.F.
Never have I experienced such warmth and acceptance from a group of professionals.
- B.C.
If you’ve been trapped in a revolving door in and out, in and out of 12-Step programs; take a deep breath, trust and love yourself, and call Desert Canyon.
- E.T.

Desert Canyon extends the recovery process far beyond that of a simple quick fix and cleanup from substance abuse. The lessons you learn at Desert Canyon will aid you in all areas of your life.       
- P.G.

Not only did I find the tools for a lifetime of sobriety, but also I learned the art of self-love and acceptance. There is no part of the human mind, body, and spirit that doesn’t receive healing attention on a daily basis. There is no other comparable experience and the Desert Canyon success rate proves it”.
- J.P.

Transformational Therapies
The highly-skilled professional counselors and therapists at Desert Canyon use some of the most powerful methods available today that go beyond "talk therapy". Each client works with several professionals over the course of their treatment to get the maximum results. Through this process, Desert Canyon can address the genesis of addiction, heal the core "inner child" issues and empower the individual to lead a healthy, successful lifestyle. Therapeutic modes of treatment help our clients rebuild their self-esteem, strengthen relationship skills, clarify goals and talents, and reconnect with inner resources to transform and enrich their ability to effectively deal with their lives. Clients receive individual and group sessions daily.

Medical Testing & Bio-Nutritional Program
Many years of scientific research have proven the effectiveness of programs that repair the bio-chemical damage of drug and alcohol addiction. At Desert Canyon, we find that by re-establishing balance in the physical body and by beginning the bio-chemical repair process, a foundation for healing and transformation is established. Treatment begins with a medical testing and nutritional assessment that uncovers hidden physiological factors that support addiction such as hypoglycemia, significant vitamin deficiency, brain chemistry imbalance, chemical sensitivities and allergies. These factors often support and contribute to the addictive behavior. The Desert Canyon program provides a set of nutritional supplements that are tailored to the individual's needs. By following this program, many of our clients notice that addictive cravings and other symptoms are eliminated or greatly reduced within a very short period of time. In addition, other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia are addressed and minimized with this approach.

Mindfulness / Stress Reduction
The Mindfulness / Stress Reduction program is taught by a student of Jon Kabat-Zinn, the originator of the program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The program teaches ways to relax, calm the mind and be more present to one's moment-to-moment reality. As a result, a greater awareness is cultivated, resulting in increased abilities to make conscious and healthy choices of actions and behaviors. Clients also notice a new openness to options and solutions to problems.

The Career and Life Program
The Career & Life System was developed by Desert Canyon's Managing Director, William Steiniger, in 1976. It has helped thousands of people over the intervening years find career satisfaction. This effective Program consisted of career testing, self-assessment, career awareness and marketing assistance to secure a desired situation. At Desert Canyon, key aspects of this program are available to residents with major career issues or concerns.

Release Methods
An important aspect of our program is an emphasis on release techniques that clients learn and take home to use in their daily lives. These simple yet profound exercises give impressive results! People can use them to reduce the intensity of phobias and panic experiences, physical pain and emotional upsets that normally occur in life. Clients are taught to identify their unwanted behaviors and feelings, as well as recurrent stressful situations, and are then assisted in using the methods that work best for them to minimize those experiences without the use of substances. These methods empower individuals to take responsibility for their experience and help them find positive and effective ways to deal with the more difficult aspects of life.

Family Program
As part of the Desert Canyon program, family members and / or significant others are invited to participate in the Family Program. This program gives clients and their families the opportunity to address chronic issues and concerns with the guidance of our professional counselors. Communication skills are emphasized and new agreements are made that help people renew and rebuild their relationships. Often, difficult past events are processed and healed, creating a new opening for love and intimacy. Individual family members can also learn meaningful ways to support the substance-free lifestyle of their loved one at Desert Canyon.

Numerous studies have shown that the use of acupuncture in a treatment context can decrease cravings for drugs and alcohol, reduce withdrawal symptoms, relieve tension and help relaxation. In addition, it is being used successfully as a method of drug detoxification at more than 100 drug treatment clinics in the United States. Studies show that this painless process often increases the effectiveness of other methods in the treatment of chemical dependency. Desert Canyon offers regular acupuncture treatments to accelerate the healing process.

Hikes, Exercise & Yoga
Recognizing that the health of the physical body provides a strong foundation for the behavioral and psychological work that we do, the Desert Canyon program includes regular hikes, stretching and daily exercise regimens suited to the individual. As weather allows, the program includes hikes among the beauty and majesty of Sedona's red rock country. Individuals with a variety of needs and abilities are accommodated so that everyone can participate at their own level. In addition, Desert Canyon clients participate in regularly scheduled yoga classes which provide simple stretching and toning exercises that can be done by people of all ages and abilities. These methods have been found to have a calming effect as well as re-energize the mind and body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu
Clients at Desert Canyon receive individual sessions and self-help instruction in Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese practice that can balance body energy, alleviate cravings, eliminate stress, relieve pain, and address acute or chronic physical conditions.

Native American Sweatlodge
Led by a Native American Medicine Man, clients participate in a sweatlodge ceremony which helps to detoxify and cleanse the body, mind, and spirit.

Optional Body Work
Professionals in massage and body work are available to Desert Canyon clients on weekends when clients' schedules allow. Massage can support the healing process on many levels: by offering a time for relaxation and release, for physical healing and toning, and for mental relaxation and rejuvenation.

After Care
Desert Canyon provides ongoing support and weekly meetings for alumni. Individuals who live outside of the Northern Arizona area participate in conference calls, in which they can gain support and share new insights about their progress. In some locations, after care support is provided locally. Desert Canyon also helps alumni find other support structures in their local area that are suited to their needs. These help provide continuing resources for maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle.


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