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I got my life back, and then some. I accomplished all I set out to, and
gained more than I ever imagined. Thank you all so much for believing in
what you're doing and believing in me. It has been an incredible opportunity
to share 28 days with you.
I feel like my life is just starting.  
- K.L.

Desert Canyon offers a unique atmosphere of top-notch professional staff, a thorough, well-rounded approach to healing and growth, and a unique respect for the individual and his/her particular needs.
- J.W.

The people here truly care about you and your substance abuse and put 100%
of their time to help you live a substance-free life.
- J.M.
I've gotten my center and joy back: two things
that feed me so much more than alcohol or drugs ever did.
- K.J.

“I especially liked the freedom and flexibility of the program, as well as the concepts and tools I have learned. There is responsibility for ones self that prepared me for “the real world”.”
- J.C.

Here are a few comments from many of our former clients ("alumni") These are unedited testimonials. To protect privacy and confidentiality, initials are used instead of full names. Signed statements are on file.
The Program...

Desert Canyon is the place you are looking for.  Nowhere else can offer you
the holistic approach that Desert Canyon Treatment Center can or the
individualized attention.  Desert Canyon extends the recovery process far
beyond that of a simple quick fix and clean up from substance abuse.  The
lessons you learn at Desert Canyon Treatment Center will aid you in all
areas of your life.   - P.G.

A far cry from traditional inpatient addiction viagra treatment!  really value
the holistic approach to treatment, as well as the staff and client
interactions.  A good experience!   - P.S.

If you have an addiction, come here first.  - B.G.

I made much more progress here in 28 days than in all of the 6 (some long
term) 12 step programs I've attended.  - J.V.

If one has an addictive life-style, this is the place that has put all the
pieces of the puzzle together for complete recovery.
- S.B.

Desert Canyon is a special place with a special program. The individual is
honored as a worthy and lovable being. Past drug and alcohol problems and
consequences are not dwelled upon.        - D.G.

I think that what you are doing here is a miracle. I am very lucky to have
gotten to come... Thank you!   - D.N.

Find an addiction, no matter what it is, just so you can experience the
incredible confidence and serenity you will gain through this program. This
is a highly effective alternative approach to an age-old dilemma. This
program works because it works on the premise that we are all dignified
humans that are responsible for our own actions... Not only did I stop
drinking (and I might add "for life!") but I learned the true beauty of
being alive.   - J.W.

I liked the holistic approach to healing all the facets of my health, not
only my addictions, and being treated as an intelligent adult, and not as a
victim.   - C.S.

Desert Canyon extends the recovery process far beyond that of a simple quick
fix and cleanup from substance abuse. The lessons you learn at Desert Canyon
will aid you in all areas of your life.  - P.G.

I feel like I have my life back, and itıs more incredible than I could ever imagine... I was given the tools to keep me free of using alcohol. I liked the variety of modalities used for treatment - how each client is treated as an individual with unique needs... I felt very comfortable, safe and welcomed by everyone. I could sense the respect amongst the staff member for each other, as well as for the clients. Everyone was relaxed and open and that made it so great.   - K.L.

I would like to see the addiction treatment community take a long hard look
at what is going on at Desert Canyon. - D.L.

The Transformation...

Clients leave here, no matter what home is like, with a fresh start and the
choice to continue what they have gained here which is an exceptional
appreciation for life.  - H.F.

I would like people to know that there is a non-AA alternative to addiction
treatment.  As a by product, you can regain a "whole" life and spirit.  That
you can achieve "freedom" within yourself.  That no matter how many times
you have been told in the past, here you can truly become aware that "joy is
an inside job".   - D.E.

Desert Canyon is a one-of-a-kind program.  I got so much more out of my stay
than I ever could have dreamed possible.  Mainly I got myself back, and
permanently ended my addiction to alcohol.  If you're sick and tired of
being sick and tired, give yourself the gift of 28 days at Desert Canyon and
see what it's like to feel great without drugs or alcohol.   - S.S.

Our family remains deeply appreciative for Desert Canyon. Our son's
experience there was truly a transformation. He certainly experiences life
now as it was meant to be.   - R.P.

I feel that all the processes presented in the program contributed to my
goal attainment. I achieved a better understanding of myself, my problem(s),
and how to better handle them in my future life; a full satisfying, happy
future life, abstinent from use of alcohol and better able to cope with
life's problems, trials and tribulations in a calm, more relaxed manner.
- C.D.

Desert Canyon was the single most important thing I have ever done for
myself in my entire life.   - S.L.

I would recommend Desert Canyon to anyone trapped in the negative,
depressing cycle of addiction. Desert Canyon will get you physically and
emotionally fit to live life through awakening what has been within you all
along. Desert Canyon will help you realize that you are not powerless, but
actually extremely powerful in guiding your destiny and discovering joy and
success.  ­ G.H.

I got back to the person I lost over the years due to stress, work, etc. I
built my self-esteem. I took back my power and learned to set boundaries in
my life. I learned how much I was reacting rather than creating. I found a
new life full of wonder. I feel whole and complete, mindful and aware. I am
who I want to be... This is the place! Desert Canyon is a unique,
integrated, holistic center where one will not only discover many new things
about herself but will also find lifelong friends.   - S.P.

What did I accomplish? I conquered addiction, I achieved a deep
understanding of self and... opened my heart (very important to me)... I
achieved every objective I came here for and more. Desert Canyon is in the
forefront of the dawning of the new age of addiction balancing and
behavioral adjustment treatment.  - J.K.

The Staff...

The Staff are all kind, loving professionals.  I am amazed at the talent assembled here.  - M.N.

It's a true blessing to come here and learn from each staff member.  The atmosphere is only accepting, supportive and educational   - H.F.

Staff was tremendous!  From top to bottom, everyone was extremely helpful
and pleasant.  - R.K.

I have nothing but praise for your staff.  Everyone was respectful, compassionate, understanding and helpful.  You have assembled an excellent
team with diverse talents and styles. - S.F.

The staff has often gone beyond their "jobs".  This has felt like a home not
a treatment center.   - D.D.

"All" staff are some of the most "loving" people I have met throughout life. - K.J.

I fell in love with your staff. Their professionalism coupled with their
genuine desire to share their knowledge and true concern for my welfare, my
well-being, made my experience so positive, so real, it will NEV ER leave
me. You were 100% there for me at any given moment. Thank you for my new
possibilities ahead.    - P.S.

The Desert Canyon Staff is very professional, caring and supportive.   
- K.C.

If I had a good friend or family member that had an alcohol or drug problem,
Desert Canyon is where I would send them. All the people at Desert Canyon
really care about each client.   - R.F.

...The consistent quality of aliveness and genuine helpfulness of all the
staff speaks loudly about the quality and unique ness of Desert Canyon. I
believe only a very special organization can attract so many high quality
people!... This created for me a sense of ease, relaxation, mutual respect,
and lightness that was integral to the success of the program for me.  - K.J


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